- Leadership

- Basketball IQ

- Tenacity

The best word to best describe Elijah Joiner is Leadership. This 17yr old young man is a leader on and off the court. Watching Kobe Bryant play, as a young child, birthed the desire to be great on the basketball court.

Elijah's parents enrolled him into the Kelly Hall YMCA and haven’t looked back since. He quickly joined their AAU team and immersed himself in all the various programs they had to offer. With the guidance of his parents as well as his mentors at the YMCA the desire to be great off the court was born.     

Elijah is currently a senior at Curie Metropolitan High School in Chicago, IL. Contributing to secure the IHSA 4A 2015-2016 State Championship, which went down as the first in school history! He also won the YMCA Teen of the Year in 2015-2016 for the work he does through the YMCA and for his community.

Elijah has officially committed to the University of Tulsa where he will continue his education and the pursuit of his goal, which is to ultimately play in the NBA.

Featured Athlete


- Senior

- Guard

- Chicago, il

- Class of 2017

AK Chats with Joiner...

Elijah Joiner

Q: How did you begin playing the sport of basketball?
I began playing basketball when I was about 5 or 6 in my grandfathers backyard on a crate rim & a wooden backboard attached to a pole.

Q:  What is it that you routinely do to get mentally prepared before  game? 
I listen to music before the game to get mentally prepared.

Q:  Name one song that you listen to, that helps you get ready for a game:
Lil herb- computers

Q:  As a student athlete, what is your ultimate purpose?
My purpose is to go to college for free & to see better things & have a lot of opportunities!

Q:  Name one movie that you've watched 50 times:
Like Mike

Q: What sport would you play professionally other than basketball?
Either Swimming or Ping pong

Q: What one word or phrase do you want people to associate with your name?
A Winner or A Leader

Q: Who has been the most influential person in your life?
My mom!

Q: Ok Its the 4th Quarter, Game tied up, ten seconds left & you have the ball with a one on one isolation at the top of they key, name one person you'd like to see defending you as you take the game winning shot?
Derrick Rose My Favorite Player.

10. "Pick one or the other"

*Pizza or tacos -
*Pies or cakes -
*Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins -
*Cubs or White Sox -
*Xbox or Playstation -