Q: How old were you when you realized basketball was your first love? (And how did it happen?)

A: I was 7 years old, my sister was playing basketball and I thought it would be a fun sport.

Q: Seeing you are the middle child, who irritates you more on the basketball court, your older sister Miya or your younger brother Ashton, and why?

A: My sister irritates me the most because she always cries over fouls.

Q: What do you feel you need to work on to become a better player?

A: I feel I need to work on my jump shot.
Q: Name another sport you enjoy playing other than basketball?

A: I love playing soccer

Q: Fill in the blanks: Asia would like to get a Masters Degree in ___________ at the University of ___________.

A: Physical therapy at Duke.

Q: Who or what's your motivation on the court?

A: My mom and dad are my motivation.

Q: What's you biggest memory on the hard floor?

A: My biggest memory is when I won the game for my team.

Q: Ok The game is tied up in overtime with ONE second left, you're at the free-throw line shooting a one&one to win it, what would you say to yourself to relax?

A: I would say, you can do it Asia, do it for the TEAM!


Favorite School Teacher:

Ms. Wright

Favorite Female Basketball Player:

Brittney Griner

Favorite Male Basketball Player:

Steph Curry

Favorite Song:

Too Much Sauce – Future

Favorite Dish Your Mom Cooks:


Asia Flowers

AK Chats with "Squirt"...

Self -Assured, Strong Minded, & Determined are a few words to describe 13- year old Asia Marie Flowers. Asia love and passion for the game came at the age of 5. Her first basketball experience was with her older sister Aymia Flowers, after attending several games she was ready to get in full gear and follow in her sister's footsteps. Asia was intrigued by the Aggressive game strategy's , speed, & confidence of the players.

Playing AAU at a young age equipped Asia with a starting spot with Franklin Middle School basketball team. Asia also served as Team Captain  & lead her team to the Championship. Asia also enjoys running cross country, taking 5th place in regionals. In her spare time she plays the cello & sings in chorus at her school .

A honor roll student, being a student athlete is Asia's first priority. After high school graduation, Asia has plans to attend UCLA. Where she will major in sports medicine. When asked why??? Her response was... "I Love the Game and I want to always be around it!"

Featured Athlete

- 13 years old

- Guard

- Wheaton, il

- Class of 2021

- Ball Handling

- Basketball IQ

- Quickness