Tyzhir NaSean, “The High Top Baller”, is looking to make a name for himself. He's really been fascinated with basketball since his Aunt bought him a basketball goal for his first birthday. He never really played with toys even as a young kid, it was always basketball. When he turned 3, he went to a Start Smart Basketball Program. He got bored quickly because he already knew how to do what the instructor had the kids doing. He's been going to a personal trainer on and off since he turned 5.

In August, Tyzhir attended the Junior Youth Phenom Top 100 Camp in Richmond this year and really had a good showing, so much so that he was the first person featured as Junior Phenom Of The Week on the Junior Youth Phenom website following the camp.

Tyzhir loves to play just about every sport, and he is very active in Taekwondo.  Tyzhir is in the Gifted Class Program this year and made the Principal's Honor Roll for having straight A’s in the first marking period. He loves reading and learning. 

(Q) How did you begin playing the sport of basketball?

(A) "My aunt bought me a basketball goal on my birthday. Once, I picked the ball up, I shot it. I've like it ever since."
(Q) What is your biggest accomplishment in your sports?

(A) "Winning the Championship for my Rec team."
(Q) What do you think is your keys to your success?

(A) "Practice, work hard and never let anyone out work me."
(Q) What was the best advice you were ever given?

(A) "Never think that I'm the best because there is always someone working. I can't allow them to out work me."
(Q) Who is your biggest role model?

(A) "Steph Curry. I want to wear number 30 when I get older."
(Q) What is your favorite class in school?

(A) "Math. I love math and working with numbers."
(Q) What is your favorite food?

(A) "Any salad, with French dressing."
(Q) If you could meet one professional basketball player, who would it be?

(A) "Steph Curry and/or Kyrie Irving"

- Ball Handling

- defender

- aggressive

Tyzhir NaSean

Featured Athlete

- 9 years old

- Guard

- Maryland

- Class of 2026

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