Q: How old were you when you figured out that you loved basketball? (And how did it happen?)

A: I first figured out I loved basketball at 3. I was with my daddy and brother at Memorial Park court (in Melrose Park). My daddy had to raise me up to dunk the ball and I’ve been playing it every since.

Q: What part of your game did you work on most last summer coming into high school? 

A: I rode my bike to my local X-Sport Fitness everyday. For 2-3 hours, I’d work on my shot, both mid-range and 3-pointers.

Q: Which sport do you watch on TV other than basketball? 

A: I watch Football sometimes, but other than that, I don’t watch any other sports.

Q: Fill in the blanks: Z would like to pursue _________________.

A: a Masters Degree in Law at Kentucky University.

Q: What is the hardest thing you've had to learn being a freshman playing on varsity?  

A: The hardest thing so far has been the work. The work is harder, and nothing will be handed to you. Everything is earned, and I had to learn how to build my confidence up. 

Q: What is your most memorable moment on the court?  

A: In 7th grade, I played in the championship game.  The score was close in the final minutes, and I came down the court and hit a huge 3-pointer and a foul which gave us the lead and the win. 

Q: Who/What has been your inspiration while on the court & off the court? 

A: My mother has been my inspiration on and off the court because she always pushes me to go further and always reminds me to allow GOD to lead.

Q: Ok. The game is tied up in overtime with TEN seconds left, you're driving to the basket to score but the double-teams comes; Name One person you'd want to pass to for the game winner? (Anybody male or female) 

A: I would want to pass to Lauren Lee. She is one of my Varsity teammates and has a killer jump shot and wouldn’t be afraid to use it!


Favorite Subject in School: English 

Favorite song you know by heart: The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey – “Closer”

Favorite Female Basketball Player: Maya Moore 

Favorite Male Basketball Player: Russell Westbrook 

Favorite Dish You Want To Cook Exactly Like Your Mom: Tacos

Zyerra Stafford

Featured Athlete

AK Chats with ZZ...

- 14 years old

- Guard

- Chicago

- Class of 2020

- Ball Handling

- Basketball IQ

- Tenacity

Resilient, confident, and ambitious are a few words to describe 14-year old Zyerra Stafford. Since the age of 3, Zyerra has loved and practiced the game of basketball. Her first b-ball experiences were with her father as a young girl, and she was quickly smitten with the game's equal emphasis on speed and strategy. 

Playing on both school and AAU teams throughout elementary school, Zyerra entered River Forest's Trinity High School ready to learn as much as she could and become a further master of the game. A freshman, Zyerra plays on the school's varsity squad, and views it as "an honor and a privilege", and a great opportunity to learn from other, more experienced players.

As a straight-A student, Zyerra puts equal importance on both the court and the classroom. After high school graduation, Zyerra has plans to attend Kentucky University's College Of Law. When asked what she plans to do with a lawyer's education, she's known to reply: "FBI agent; I want to be the next Dr. Reed!"