​Athletic Konnection Hosts it's 1st Baseball Camp

Athletic KonnectionBaseball Camp 2017

In March, Athletic Konnection teamed up with Carson Pirie Scott for a fundraiser for local businesses. We'd like to thank Carson Pirie Scott for the opportunity to reach out to the community we serve. 

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​Athletic Konnectionteams up with Good Sports and the Chicago Cub's John Lackey, donating $5,000 worth of equipment to our baseball program. 

Athletic Konnection offering their 4th Annual Baseball Camp July 20th - 21st at Proviso East High School for players ranging from 4 to 13 years of age. 

Athletic Konnection Baseball program is on the rise since it launched in 2018. Since then, AK has birthed it's own program and grown rapidly forming 5 in house teams and 1 travel club.

AK Baseball's slogan, "Grow with US", has seemed to define their true efforts. "We have to grow our youth. Feed them a little knowledge of the game, teach them the culture. Shed light on the positives, building their confidence. Plant the seed, maintain the soil and watch it blossom."

- Jason Gipson


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Athletic Konnection takes Little League players to the Chicago White Sox Legends vs. Chicago Cubs Legends game.