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We believe in OUR ATHLETES.

(Transportation will be provided to accommodate the athletwaa. If you need transportation to and from the field PLEASE email AthleticKonnection@gmail.com ASAP)



Sports Activities in Maywood, Bellwood, Hillside and more

7400 Augusta St., River Forest, IL 60305

"I love volunteering for an organization where I can witness the good that's being done within my community by those of the community."

Melanie Sanders

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"You guys are a breath of hope and positive direction, in a community that lacks both."

Tyrone Smith

Partnering Programs

Evolution Food & Homeless Shelter

Koach K

Danka Basketball League

Hooper Johnson Food Assistance

Good Sports Youth Charity

Maywood Park District

Village of Maywood

Maywood Bucs Football Program

Memorial Park Spartans Football

The Brown House


“Athletic Konnection is a program that make a difference and is something that will allow the youth to fulfill their dreams.”

Dee Brown

Mission: To promote athleticism and scholarship in urban youth by providing positive role models who exhibit  sportsmanship and academic expertise. 

Training. Camps. Tutoring. Events. And More...