We believe in OUR ATHLETES.


- August 20th - Athletic Konnection will be giving away school supplies and having helpful conversations and tips for parents and students at the Back to School event at 10th Park @ Noon (12:00 pm), along the side of Dankas Basketball League, Maywood Park District, The Village of Maywood  and more.... 

& up and coming events...


Sports Activities in Maywood, Bellwood, Hillside and more

"I love volunteering for an organization where I can witness the good that's being done within my community by those of the community."

Melanie Sanders

"You guys are a breath of hope and positive direction, in a community that lacks both."

Tyrone Smith

Partnering Programs


“Athletic Konnection is a program that make a difference and is something that will allow the youth to fulfill their dreams.”

Dee Brown


Mission: To promote athleticism and scholarship in urban youth by providing positive role models who exhibit  sportsmanship and academic expertise.